Automata for Colour (2011-2013)

kelly andres

kelly andres kelly andres

A cumulation of kitschy florist tricks, alchemical colour mixing and industrial automation along with a hint of 19th century scientific theatre: This work draws conceptual overlaps between categories of “synthetic” and “biological” in an optimistic gesture that seeks to valorize a sense of wonder and a literal expression of each moment existing as unique to the next. The automata in this work is a colour mixing “machine” that blends dyes through gravity flow and an injection system - primary and secondary colours enter the flowers, are sucked up through the stems in a process called transpiration and then leak over into a catch basin. The changing colours of the petals are captured through a video lens that is continuously monitoring the flowers of the plants. An image is captured each moment (30 minute time lapse) and then projected into a dark space next to the installation (also creating a time-lapse document of the color change).




Automata - studio documentation from kelly jaclynn andres on Vimeo.

video 3. Automata2013 from kelly jaclynn andres on Vimeo.

work from kelly jaclynn andres on Vimeo.