Disco for Darwin (2011-), digital video, graphite on paper, mixed media

kelly andres

Disco from kelly jaclynn andres on Vimeo.

Disco for Darwin is a reinterpretation of Charles and Sir Francis Darwin's experiments of movement tracking in
plants - The Power of Movement in Plants (1880). Plants are always moving in a circular direction, a spiralling
from the moment the cotyledon emerges from the seed. This movement was studied in depth by Darwin (and
others) in the late nineteenth century through a series of analogue motion-tracking tools meant to analyze the
movement and behaviours of various plant species. The physical movements of plants, for the most part, exists
in a different time-space, one that is difficult to witness during regular human observation-time. To see the
circumnutations of plants one must set up a technical apparatus to record their growth over long periods of
human-time. Darwin used glass plates, a small bead fixed to the plant and ink to trace the growth of seedlings
and the movement of plants prior to photographic time-lapse. For this artwork, I will replace the bead with a tiny
LED light (I have a system developed from my work with wearables – the LED is 2mm - attached to conductive
thread which will not affect the movement of the plants) and use both digital time-lapse and the ink-on glass
plate mark-making. The plant movement drawings and time-lapse video will be projected into a space.
A library of related music (for plants and people) will accompany the installation.