Flock (2008-2011), networked performance

Flock is a performative street game in synchronized cycling. Using the provided capes, cyclists are guided through a series of five flight formations displayed in LEDs. The capes do not organize the individuals or direct them specifically to a position within the formation; this is the main obstacle of the game - the cyclists develop a system to navigate themselves as a group.  The capes also contain a sonar device that creates a proximity sensor. Each member of the “flock” must stay within a certain distance of each other providing the experience of using a sonar prosthetic to navigate. The work explores the variety of tactics that will emerge as individuals attempt to stay (or not) within the parameters of the game.

++the capes were designed for night-cycling

Eastern Bloc's DPN collaborative workshop series March-April 2011
Programming - Samuel St-Aubin
Thank you to Darsha Hewitt, James Partaik and Patrice Coulombe for assistance with project.
Thank you to the Southern Alberta Art Gallery for support of first prototype.
Funded in part by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts

Materials: textile, conductive thread, arduino, xbee, sonar range finders, leds, speakers, various components. 

Images below from DPN opening, Eastern Bloc, Montreal, April 8, 2011.

Photo Credit: Emily Gan.





This project is supported by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts