kelly andres


Enquête sur l'affaire du Botaniste Extraterrestre/ An Inquiry Into the Case of the Extraterrestrial Botanist, 2014

Any physical geography that has ever been conceived is draped with a particular set of constructs and emotive affects. For example, the extraterrestrial was written into literary imaginations years prior to actual exploration or photographic documentation became widely available. One can recall work by Jules Verne, From Earth to the Moon written in 1865 or Margaret Cavendish’s novel, The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing World (1666), which describes the fantastical adventures of the main character in inter-spatial and lunar regions accessible from the Earth’s North Pole. This project explores the relationship between an emotional landscape, the nonhuman and a geographical site, as well as the inverse, the way in which there is often a collective projection onto physical environments suggesting the possibility for different kinds of interactions. The severity and unwelcoming nature of such habitats serve as a kind of receptor to contemplate aspects of being-human.
During the space craze of the late 1960's and early 70's, the Apollo missions sent various astronauts and equipment to the moon to collect samples and test the suitability of sustaining life outside of Earth. One project remained veiled to the public – the establishment of a long term subterranean station for the purpose of conducting research in extraterrestrial botany and living systems. One reason for the lack of public transparency was that the project was extremely risky, and ethically questionable. The station would be overseen by one lone scientist – when, or if return to Earth would be possible was unknown. In light of NASAs announcement for a moon mission in 2015 to conduct new research and test the effects of plant life on the surface of the moon, Dr. Kellen Anders, the scientist from the “classified” lunar station has sent a number of plans, descriptions and images from the station, which I have interpreted in this installation due to my interest in extraterrestrial citizenship.

 Documentation for Residency Proposal