nevis, nevis, nevis, 2018-2019 Project Research Projects  


A video installation from footage taken at different locations referred to as “nevis”. This project is a departure, a focused trajectory in direct response to a feeling of the importance of place, ecological disturbance, and the process of decolonizing nature, a term borrowed from TJ Demos recent text of the same name. In this project, I develop video essays with minimal material artefact as installation. More specifically, this work centres on land use, the relations between plants, people, animals, and different habitats, where the nevis sites are transformed into nonlinear hubs, nodes in dynamic vectors or web-like trajectories, focusing on concepts such as:

-material and the idea that it is possible to trace both physical and spectral clues to the embodied effects of globalism,
-uneven geography (north-south discrepancy in terms the effects of climate change),
-migration and movement (who or what is moving and why, and where to — people, plants, animals),
-colonial history marked on places (residue, regrowth), on life (constant flux),
-production of space (why do I see this way? what are the traditions of representation that can be dissolved, confronted or at least revealed),
-embodied (how can I understand the way a “place” is perceived? a “self”, what is an intervention, what is an action?),
-problems of visual representation and individualism...

The Nevis's so far:

Ben Nevis, Scottish Highlands, Scotland (Devonian volcano) Gaelic: Beinn Nibheis - mountain with its head in the clouds

Nevis, Alberta, Canada (Niévès, Tail Streamlet People, Tail Creek Town)

Nevis, West Indies, Island in the Caribbean Sea (Oualie, beautiful waters, Strato volcano)



Thank you to the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for the generous support towards the research and production of this project.