In Search of QR_ebra Plant, DAIMON residency, Gatineau, 2013-in progress

Like many wanderlust botanists before me, I am in search of a rumoured species. I have only a small unfocused image captured from an acquaintance’s mobile phone; a single image displaying the subject of my obsession, a rogue plant with strange chlorophyllic mutations. I will exploit vast expanses of urban flora and other sites within the city that harbour vegetal life in my quest to locate this oddity, a plant that I will henceforth title the QRebra. From mere speculation, I believe the QRebra is an escapee synthetic chimera, artificially bred to exhibit pigmentation patterns from at least two genetically unique plant tissues – a plant modified to display QR codes (Quick Response) through chlorophyl patterning on its leaves. I plan to find these leaves and decode the chlorophyl patterns, perhaps unveiling some information of its origins or intended purpose.”

In Search of QRebra Plant is a locative media project that explores genres of science fiction, urban landscape, political ecology, and aesthetic experience through a series of online media accessible via smart phone and smart object embedded at the sites of inquiry (for example printed artificial leaves that display QR codes inserted into existing flora). The underlying concept is to open a dialogue between the human-participant and diverse urban ecologies through a re-imagination of familiar but overlooked sites and vegetal subjects, while connecting critical narratives, objects-subjects, semi-fictional places of the imagination, and multi-dimensional spaces consisting of increasingly complex information.