Perpetual Chimera: Performativity Among Radicle Assemblages, 2019, Doctoral Thesis in Interdisciplinary Humanities, Concordia University, Montreal, QC

This text discusses various theoretical concepts using an auto-ethnographical style connecting a series of aesthetic and performative projects completed over the duration of the Fine Arts Interdisciplinary Humanities Doctoral. Designing consecutive and overlapping aesthetic experiments resulted in the gathering of diverse insights regarding the importance of forming ethico-kinship relations with different phenomena and beings. Over the course of the doctoral studio production a significant shift occurred where I begin to comprehend working more within relations of multi-species storytelling and away from incorporating beings as signifiers of purely anthropocentric queries. From the learnings collected over the course of the doctoral, I contribute concepts for aesthetic practices based on knowledge that was produced through studio based research. This project provides a unique contribution through creating sensorial experiences for multi-species configurations that value difference and freedom through individualized expansions of knowing-being. more details...


kelly andres

Desiring Machinations of Matertekhnologi, 2008, Masters Thesis in Individualized Multidisciplinary Program, University of Lethbridge, AB

Desiring Machinations of Matertekhnologi is an Individualized Multidisciplinary thesis that synthesizes feminist frameworks with new media art to investigate the mediated body in relation to communications technology. The thesis illustrates contemporary, twenty-first century artists working with feminist strategies, the body, performance and technological media. Theoretical discussions are developed that imagine or suggest new forms of subjectivity that could be experienced through artistic appropriation of communicative, networked and technological media. These discussions include my studio investigations and unfold around the following themes: corporeal feminism, body-based philosophy, a subversion or manipulation of consumer technologies through intervention, appropriation and performance, the politics of space and location through networked interaction, and the mediated body in relation to communication technologies through a valorization of embodiment and the senses.